Madeline Levine, Ph.D.

Teach Your Children Well

Paperback Edition released August 6th

Levine’s highly anticipated new book TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL: Parenting for Authentic Success (Harper/HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN 13: 9780061824746; $25.99/$33.99 Can.; Hardcover; on-sale: July 24, 2012)  acknowledges that every parent wants successful children, but until we are clearer about our core values and the parenting choices that are most likely to lead to authentic success, we will continue to raise exhausted, externally driven, impaired children who believe that they are “only as good as their last performance.” Real success is always an “inside job,” argues Levine, and is measured not by today’s report card but by the people our children become ten or fifteen years down the line.

Refusing to be diverted by manufactured issues such as “tiger moms versus coddling moms,” Levine confronts the real issues behind the way we push some of our kids to the breaking point while dismissing the talents and interests of many others. She shows us how to shift our focus from the excesses of hyper-parenting and our unhealthy reliance on our children for status and meaning to a parenting style that focuses on protective factors known to contribute to both academic success as well as a sense of purpose, well-being, connection, and meaning in life.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL focuses on choice—how we view success, raise our children, and expend our energies and resources. It is also about the courage to make the changes we believe in. The time has come, says Levine, to return our overwrought families to a healthier and saner version of themselves.

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